Our Pipeline

TPD approaches have great potential to transform the treatment of a range of diseases. Amphista is advancing a portfolio of drug candidates, initially focused in oncology, to address a number of hard to treat tumour types. Our lead candidates are designed to address areas of high unmet medical need where there is a clear and compelling rationale why our approach will be superior to any existing approaches and treatments.

Identifying Biological Targets and Disease where Amphista Approaches will be Best-in-Class

The superiority of Amphista degraders is based on combinations of the three key factors shown below:

  1. The benefits of degrading, rather than just inhibiting, the drug target,
  2. The benefits of using our unique, novel Amphista mode of action and
  3. Our improved druglike properties allowing convenient dosing routes and access to cells and tissues not possible with other approaches.

We focus on tackling biological targets and mechanisms with a high level of clinical or genetic validation expected to translate to a clear benefit in a well-defined set of patients.

We expect our lead project to be ready for clinical trials in 2023. Our approach is also applicable to treatment of a wide variety of diseases. We plan to expand our work into additional therapy areas which may include neurological & neurodegenerative conditions, immunology & anti-infectives and are open to partnerships in these areas.